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Bringing your idea to the market requires a lot of skills, money and time. Therefore, if you have a kick-ass idea but you have no clue how to make it happen, we are there to help you realize it.

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Together with a team with all-round expertise, from trend watchers to marketing specialists and from retail buyers to consumers, we review your idea and start working on a masterplan.

Bring it to the market

We connect, create and achieve. Certainly, everything we do within our global network is done together with you. Your idea will always be your idea, we just bring in the big guns!

Transparancy and an honest way of dealing is key.

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"Together with Dutch22, I have created my ‘Beyond' Tableware. Because of the inspiration and enthusiasm I received from Dutch22, our mutual curiosity and motivation in combination with the open and democratic way of working, I developed my tableware set like I always hoped I would!"

  • Mieke Cuppen
  • Ceramic Designer

"Dutch22 helped me to develop my Wave Glass Line. I brought in the idea and the product, and they upgraded the idea for the audience by taking care of the production, packaging and connections.  Because of the collaboration, my work is brought to a way bigger audience."

  • Maarten Bapist
  • Dutch Designer


Our rapidly growing community of designers

Anne Wolters

Fashion Designer

Marlous de Roode

Bag & Accesories Designer

Release date: March 2019

Dorrith de Roode

Fashion Designer

Release date: March’19

Dries Friandise

Pastry and Food Designer

Release date: 2019

Pauline ‘t Hoen

Tabelware Designer

Release date : 2019

Christiaan Geiger

Product designer

Release date: 2019

Fernanda Fernandes

Fashion Designer

Release date 2019

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