This glass line, created by Maarten Baptist together with Dutch 22, is one that stands out from the crowd. The Wave Glass line is made from Bohemian crystal that is hand-blown, and the 300 years of skilled labour are shown in the professional look of the entire line.

Baptist started by designing a single mold, from which he later created other glasses of different heights. Water, wine and whisky can all be served in their very own glass, but all glasses have their special look in common.

The idea behind the whole Wave Glass line is the fact that the glasses stand on three legs only. This way, they seem to dance on the table and the elegant flow of waves come through. The glasses can also fit into each other, which create an opportunity for serving food and drinks in a very unique way.

The product will be on the market in February 2019.

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Wave Glass line

The waves, the energy of the ocean and its ongoing rhythm inspired Maarten Baptist to develop the Wave Glass Line

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Maarten Baptist
  • Maarten Baptist
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Dutch Designer

Maarten Baptist

Designer Maarten Baptist has an affinity with food. He creates both delicate tabletop products and an extensive range of furniture.

Baptist develops icons for day-to-day activities, each with an elegant sense of presence. Often a tiny detail will be off-key, making his pieces charmingly different. ‘I try to keep a sense of wonder alive about the things around me and I translate that wonder into my products.’ Fresh yet organic shapes pervade his work, bringing each piece a feel of timelessness. In order to keep an open mind, Baptist established a studio where ‘anything can happen’, and decided against having his own private workshop. Instead, he collaborates with the craftsmen or industries that he considers fit a particular project’s needs.

Capitalising on the advantages this objectivity brings, he stretches the limits of the production process and encourages craftsmen to push their capabilities. Baptist stays closely involved throughout; he remarks jokingly ‘I am a designer, not a stylist’. A true perfectionist, he insists on a refined finish for all products, whether produced en masse or in a small edition.

Bohemian Cristall Glass Producer

Novosad and son

Novosad and Son is a glass factory and brewery in the Czech Republic that was founded in 1712. It is a traditional handmade producer of luxurious crystal stemware, giftware and chandeliers.

In the present, automated glass production has almost been brought to perfection and tons of cheap glass come from the East flood the markets. The glassworks in Nový Svět remain one of the last traditional producers of luxury glassware and decorative glass both in the Czech Republic and in Europe.

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