This tea, created by Brigitte van Schooten, will give you the ultimate tea experience. The flavours, smell and colour make this drink not just a drink, but also a surprise and a lifestyle.

Brigitte van Schooten her experience, knowledge and personal fascination with tea have resulted in this tea line. By ways of travelling, she brought her favorite tea to the Netherlands and together with Dutch22, she could make them an actual product worth bringing on the market.

Tasting can be an art by itself, and this tea will definitely convince you of this.

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Tea can be art

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Tea Sommelier

Brigitte van Schooten

Brigitte van Schooten is the real deal when it comes down to tea. She does not drink anything else, which has been this way since she was just a child. Because of this, it is not surprising she decided to work in the tea industry.

This was realized after she ran into Richard Stukkink at the ‘Experience Coffee and Tea’ fair. He made her think of tea as a piece of art, and this was when she started her quest for the ultimate tea experience. She asked herself all kinds of questions, gained more and more knowledge and made tea trips whenever she could. Then, she created Art of Tea.


Art of Tea

Art of Tea

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