The constellation and old star maps from museums inspired Mieke Cuppen to create her ‘Beyond’ line. Meanwhile, Dutch22 helped her to realize this.

Firstly, Beyond stands for discovering and exploring new worlds. This name is chosen because new worlds are beyond someone’s imagination. We see this idea in the designs of this stoneware set. For example, elements like air, water and science are shown. All elements are translated into the graphic patterns that we can find back on the set.

In conclusion, The Beyond line is a real musthave! It will be on the market in January 2019.

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Beyond Stoneware Set

A unique type of stoneware

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Mieke Cuppen
  • Mieke Cuppen
  • Tableware Designer

Tableware Designer

Mieke Cuppen

Mieke Cuppen designs tableware on the cutting edge of functionality and aesthetics. She often departs from the classic model and chooses a more open design. By working with new shapes, patterns or materials, she gives her work a gastronomic signature. By not assigning it a function, she creates a service that is multifunctional. Sometimes Mieke is also surprised by the application. For example, her Amuse tower is now also used for breakfast presentations in high-end hotels.

“As a designer I do not determine the function; I only think about what it could be used for. I see my work as a canvas, in which I interact with the chef and the user. Together we look for boundaries that can be broken in food and eating patterns.”

Creativity with an eye on the market
Mieke graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008. In her studio in Rotterdam she digitally models in Rhino and Z-Brush and physically creates models in clay and plaster. She was selected twice for a design residence at Vista Alegre and Kahla. From this flowed her Texture line and the Volumes collection. Mieke works with porcelain, stoneware, glass, brass, bagasse and other materials.

Stoneware Manufacturer


Stoneware manufacturer Grestel manufactures tableware, serving accessories and ovenware made with the finest natural resources from Portugal, and using its original formula of high-fired stoneware. Advanced technology meets skilled artisans to deliver to their customers around the world fine, durable and trendy oven-to-table with matching dinnerware.

Their search for an efficient, modern, innovative and profitable organization does not compromise the commitment with social and eco responsibility, whereas they seriously promote good practices that contribute to the protection of the environment and the people involved in our business.

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