With this collaboration, Dutch 22 sets course for its own eco-label on the European market within an Open Source environment. Socks with amazing quality are being created by our team of designers and produced by Ayesha for the leaders in retail. This all happens in a transparant and humane way that is unique in mass production until now.

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Socks ft. Ayesha

A sustainable sock collection created by Dutch 22 and its designers and produced by Ayesha Spinning Mills

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Collaborating with Ayesha Spinning Mills

The story behind it all

Ayesha manufactures in ways that are based on both social- and environmental aspects. The 8100 employees are provided with secure housing, meals and constant care for their entire families. Woman are being employed as well, and for similar wages as men. Besides the care for its employees, Ayesha also supports schools in the region in different ways.

Dutch 22 based its willingness to collaborate mainly on the important environmental aspects as well. The fabric of the socks consist of recyclable materials for 95%. Their experience in re-utilization, in combination with a modern management based on Western principles make sure a lack of materials is always avoided in the production process of the socks. Also the steam and electricity are produced in world's cheapest and eco-friendly way.

In a (totally) vertically integrated production process that happens under one roof, everything can be checked and verified from the very beginning until the end. Because of the addition of Dutch 22 and its designers, the cirlce from the production until the creation is round and sound. The unnecessary, intermediary production chains are eliminated which results in an honest, eco-circular socksline.

In the search for great designers

We're looking for you!

Would you also love to see your designs on socks that are going to conquer the leading market, and that are made in the most unique, eco-friendly and humane way? Then please contact Dutch 22 for some additional information about the right steps to realize this.

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