This extra vierge olive oil is a artisan and natural product made from one ingredient only by ways of the age-old procedure. The purity and color can be compared to gold, and the olive tree in which this olives grow can get over 2000 years old.

Olive Oil is the pillar of the famous Mediterranean diet that is the foundation of a long and happy life. Isn’t that even more valuable than actual gold?

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Olive Oil

A touch of gold in olive oil

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Vivian Wordragen
  • Vivian Wordragen
  • Olive Oil & Truffel Sommelier

Olive Oil & Truffel Sommelier

Vivian Wordragen

Vivian Wordragen is what one calls a food lover. Every day she is looking for new flavors, exciting combinations and inspirational concepts of food. Good and healthy food is her way of living, and she wanted to express this in her new-born olive oil line.

Together with Dutch22, her idea became a real product. As a matter of fact, a real delicious one.


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