Maarten Baptist had deze organisch gevormde servies set oorspronkelijk in 3D geprint, tot Dutch22 in the picutre kwam en er een goede samenwerking plaats vond. We ontwikkelde zijn producten in terracotta, een traditionele compositie die waterproof is door de toevoeging van glazuur.

Wat hij tot uitdrukking wilde brengen in deze lijn is de samensmelting van oud vakmanschap en moderniteit. Deze unieke servies set is daar uit gekomen.

Dit product zal in februari 2019 op de markt te vinden zijn.

In development


Servies set ‘Authentic’

Een organische terracotta set door Maarten Baptist

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Maarten Baptist
  • Maarten Baptist
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Dutch Designer

Maarten Baptist

Designer Maarten Baptist has an affinity with food. He creates both delicate tabletop products and an extensive range of furniture.

Baptist develops icons for day-to-day activities, each with an elegant sense of presence. Often a tiny detail will be off-key, making his pieces charmingly different. ‘I try to keep a sense of wonder alive about the things around me and I translate that wonder into my products.’ Fresh yet organic shapes pervade his work, bringing each piece a feel of timelessness. In order to keep an open mind, Baptist established a studio where ‘anything can happen’, and decided against having his own private workshop. Instead, he collaborates with the craftsmen or industries that he considers fit a particular project’s needs.

Capitalising on the advantages this objectivity brings, he stretches the limits of the production process and encourages craftsmen to push their capabilities. Baptist stays closely involved throughout; he remarks jokingly ‘I am a designer, not a stylist’. A true perfectionist, he insists on a refined finish for all products, whether produced en masse or in a small edition.

Authentic Terracotta Producer


Operating since 1900, under the name of Maria Portugal Terracotta, pottery Vasicol Company was born eight decades after in 1988. They combine tradition with an edge of modernity to create unique pieces, and they have the capacity to produce 3 million pieces per year.

Since the beginning, their commitment is to always look into the future with a sense of challenge and responsibility to their partners but also to look into their past being proud of what they have achieved so far. They work every day wanting to achieve succes, with a sustained growth and with a continuous investment on innovation and design.

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Authentieke handvaardigheid en kennis door Vasicol voor Dutch22