More than just a brand

World's First Open-Source Brand

Dutch 22 is more. Firstly, it’s a new way of doing business and assembling collections. The concept is simple. Designers, a team of all-round experts and a community collectively bring ideas to the market. In conclusion, in an open and cooperative environment, everybody focuses on his or her specialties and competences.

Accessible luxury

We comprise a wide field of varying products that range from fashion to cookery, lifestyle, body and health, food and jewellery. When an idea gets curated by the community, we will bring the product to life.


Dutch 22 is an open-source brand, which means that we will open up useful sources and be transparant about everything from start to finish. Therefore, we aim at using your opinion throughout the entire process.

Relevant products

Your idea will be developed in a team of producers, experts and consumers. This is based on an old Dutch way of cooperating; combining your own skills and the skills of others to create synergy and relevant products.

Going Dutch 2.0

The Dutch are known for their innovative ideas and ways of doing business. Therefore, Dutch22 is a reinvention of 'Going Dutch' or 'Sharing Dutch'. To clarify, both principles are based on getting the maximum level of advantage out of a deal for all parties.

Firstly, we build up a strong network of innovative partners and leading manufacturers. Everybody that is involved in any way does what they do best, and we all benefit from each other’s knowledge in the ongoing seek for products, designs and ideas. Secondly, our interactive community provides us with relevant feedback in the whole process of creation. This gives us the opportunity to bring good and relevant products to life. In conclusion, this way of working is actually really working!


Curated Idea & Product

Let's bring in a team of experts

You Could Be Here!

Iris van Zelderen

Graphical Designer

Anne Greaves

Copy Writer & Content Creator

Bob van de Broeck

Online creative designer

Bram Mulders

Technical designer

Merel van Dooren


Patrick Welp

Managing Director

Mayke van Wanrooy

Trademark Attorney

Adjiedj Bakas


Amaya Garmendia

Register Business Valuator

Noud Broeren

Legal Counselor

Helga Meijer

People & Business Connector

Remco van Buren

Social Business Strategy

Sabine Van der Velden

Marketing strategy specialist

Dora Berk

Senior Retail Buyer

Mark Schuijt

Creative Director

Mark Terberg

Designer Expert