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"Dutch22 helps me to develop and scale-up my Wave Glass"

Maarten Baptist, Dutch product designer

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"With the expertise and inspiration of Dutch22, my 'Beyond' line was brought to life"

Mieke Cuppen, Dutch ceramic designer

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World's First Open Source Brand

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Do you have a kick-ass idea, but don't you know how to make it happen? Share your vision with us, and we will help you realize it! Together, we will transform your idea to retail in a blink of an eye..

Community matters

Dutch22 selects the best ideas and then brings in a team of specialists, retailers and consumers with all-round expertise. Together, we review, curate, shape and optimize your idea for the market.


We contact manufacturers, make the realization for retail and then bring your product(s) to the market. Everything we do, we do together with you; your kick-ass idea will now be a market stunner!

We bring your idea to the market!

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